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Re: Is anybody really watching UbuntuGIS thermometer?

On 11/14/2014 11:57 AM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi,
> by chance I noticed that the packages on
>    http://blends.debian.org/gis/thermometer/ubuntu_debian-gis_thermometer.html
> were *very* outdated for Ubuntu.  However, Ubuntu was not to blame about
> this but rather the release names I hardcoded in the thermometer code.
> I seriously whether anybody is watching this page since nobody reported
> this problem ...

I highly doubt anybody is using the Ubuntu thermometer too.

> However, I enhanced the code to always pick the last three release names
> available in UDD.  This currently leads to the fact that the release "in
> development" (currently vivid) is taken into account for the version
> comparison.  I'm not sure if this is what the users of the thermometer
> (if there are any - see above) really want to see or whether the
> comparison rather should be done to the latest released version
> (currently utopic).
> Please provide a proper specification to make this tool as useful as
> possible.

The Ubuntu thermometer would be more useful when it monitors the
UbuntuGIS PPAs instead of or in addition to the Ubuntu archive. The
UbuntuGIS team doesn't upload their packages to Ubuntu itself, but to
their PPAs:

- ubuntugis-stable

- ubuntugis-testing

- ubuntugis-unstable

Ideally these PPAs are monitored and compared to Debian
testing/unstable/experimental and Debian GIS VCS. That way the Ubuntu
GIS team can see which packages they can update in their PPAs, and the
Debian GIS team can see which packages from Ubuntu GIS aren't in Debian
yet or have newer versions.

This first requires a script to feed the PPA information into UDD. I
briefly looked into that a while back when the Ubuntu thermometer was
introduced but never followed up on that by developing said script. UUD
was very new territory for me back then, it still is but a little less now.

Based on the UDD schema there is still no generic PPA data gatherer. So
introducing it still requires to extend the schema. Duplicating the
ubuntu_* tables and adding a column to reference the respective PPAs,
and an ubuntu_ppa table for the metadata.

While the above is not a proper specification, I think it gets the idea

> Kind regards
>       Andreas.

Kind Regards,


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