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Re: Fwd: Bug#762869: ITP: owslib -- Client library for Open Geospatial (OGC) web services

Hi Johan & Angelos,

On 09/25/2014 11:07 PM, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> For those not watching pkg-grass-devel carefully: I've added owslib
> from osgeo live to debian gis.

Thanks for your work upstreaming packaging from OSGeo-Live. It's much

> I'm actually already with the result, so please review, so we can
> upload it soon (but first give some time for reactions on the ITP).

I took the liberty to commit some changes to cleanup and modernize the
package a bit.

The Python page on the Debian wiki together with the Python Policy
documents are good starting points for python packaging documentation.


Among the other interesting docs is the Style Guide for Packaging Python


The guide recommends using the pybuild build system, this is one of the
changes I made.


pybuild further simplifies python packaging together with dh_python2.


Because dh_python2 is used the pycompat file is no longer needed.

In the control file the python packages need to depend on
${python:Depends} by which the explicit python is needed anymore.

With the switch to pybuild tests are enabled by default, so some
additional build dependencies required for the tests were added.

I've also added a gbp.conf file to use pristine-tar by default, and
removed the debian/format file since debian/source/format is used.

The package is pretty straight forward, and lintian is happy with it.
I think it's ready for an RFS.

Kind Regards,


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