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[netCDF #NHW-215043]: New Release for netcdf?


I'm sorry for the delayed response; I was out of the office yesterday.  I'm hoping to put out a 4.3.3 release candidate by the end of the week.  Assuming no issues are discovered, I'd expect a full release within the following week or two.  Similarly, for netcdf-fortran, I'm hoping to have the 4.4.1 release out next week as nobody has reported any issues based on the release candidate I put out a couple of weeks ago.

I mention this because, starting with release 4.2, the netcdf C and Fortran interfaces were split out into two separate libraries.

4.3.3 is going to be a bug-fix release; no major changes over 4.3.2 have been introduced, but the list of issues addressed can be found here:  


I hope this information is helpful; have a great day,


> Hi,
> Debian is a little out of date at the moment with it's version of
> netcdf (v4.1.3).
> I am currently working in the Debian GIS team to update to the latest
> release of v4.3.2 (plus some more recent snapshots).
> But whilst I am working on that, I thought I would ask what the plans
> are for the next version. Is 4.3.3 planned for release any time soon?
> The next release of Debian (Jessie) will be frozen in November this
> year, so we don't have a lot of time to get it in anyway.
> Regards,
> Ross Gammon

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