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Re: Bug#757243: RFS: qmapshack/0.2.0+ds1-1

On 17. August 2014 21:51:36 MESZ, Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic@xs4all.nl> wrote:
Thanks for incorporating the feedback.

I think the WTFPL short name should keep the version number, WTFPL-2 was
better IMHO.

The text of the QT license exception is still missing the LGPL exception
text. I suggest at least the changes included in the attached patch.

Since the license text of the QT commercial license is not known, and
appears to be specific to each commercial licensee (because you need to
contact them first, it's likely part of the contract negotiation), I
would drop the QT_COMMERICAL license option too and just use:

License: GPL-3.0+ or LGPL-2.1 with Digia Qt LGPL Exception 1.1

This is what qtmultimedia-opensource-src uses too, except in reverse order.

Kind Regards,


Regarding the patch: I'm not near a PC right now, so can't check: Are you sure the license of those files with the ex ception had a "or later" on their GPL option?

Regarding the commercial option: I wouldn't leave it out, as IMHO d/copyright should be a exact representation on the license, even if a option is not really applicable.
Tobias Frost

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