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Re: Status of netcdf

Hi Ross,

On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 03:27:12PM +0200, Ross Gammon wrote:
> > since a bug (with patch) against netcdf (#757884) affects a Debian
> > Med package (minc, #716119) I had a quick look what I coudl do for
> > netcdf. I realised that it is lagging behind upstream several
> > versions and has several open bugs (some of them hanging around
> > with available patch).
> > 
> > Since I have no idea what might be the most sensible course of
> > action I wonder what the plans with this package might be.
> I just took a look at netcdf to see if I could help, and there are a few
> things to check up on and fix! There are a lot of reverse dependencies
> that would need to be checked with any update (partially edited list
> below - not from unstable).

Thanks for having a look.
> Looking at git, there have been some imports of newer versions, and some
> work in separate branches by Nico & Alistair, and of course Gilles'
> recent NMU for hdf5 to incorporate.
> But like you, it would be difficult for me to start on netcdf without
> knowing what the plans were from Nico, Alistair or Frankie.

I'd think if nobody would answer in a sensible time frame they have "no
plans" and it is about the people who keep Debian GIS running to fetch
up the work that needs to be done.  I see my part in sponsoring as
quickly as possible.

Kind regards



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