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Re: status of the OpenCPN package?

On 2014-06-24 06:22:53, Hamish wrote:
> Antoine Beaupré wrote:
>>>  I am writing to you because you have participated in the review of the
>>>  new OpenCPN debian package as part of bug #538067.
>>>  I would be ready to sponsor the package if people are okay with its
>>>  current state. It would be a shame to have the package stalled in that
>>>  bug report forever like this. :)
>>>  Note that upstream is now at version 3.2.2 as well, so there may be some
>>>  work required to get it up to the latest release. Yet i believe that
>>>  uploading 2.5 would be better than nothing.
>>>  What's blocking this? do you need an uploader?
> Francesco:
>> I think Hamish_B who worked in the past on this is currently busy, as
>> happens frequently with Real Life. I'm not sure if anyone is able
>> to work on that starting from current status.
> Hi,
> indeed I am super busy with other responsibilites right now, but I haven't
> given up on this package! There is very little blocking it now, I don't
> even remeber what if anything, need to check the last post to the ITP and
> the ftp-master's previous rejection comment. :) AFAIR it wasn't anything
> major.

Alright, I fully understand that. Sharing those comments here would be
quite useful if someone else wants to pursue your work in case you
become too busy in the future. :)

> I was hesitating to update the packaging in debiangis svn for two reasons,
> one was that the 2.5.0 package was 99% ready to go, and a 3.2.2 would
> require resetting the QA-clock to zero. So my plan there was to get 2.5.0
> into sid immediately then work on 3.2.2 after. The second reason was that
> opencpn 3 replaced the graphics canvas with OpenGL, and for Debian/Ubuntu
> combined with a Intel GPU it caused a rendering bug for many people. (one
> of the main use cases for opencpn is on laptops where intel GPUs are very
> common). It's been a while since I checked on the status of the bug, but
> I'm thinking that it is still present in 3.2.2? (don't quote me on that :)

This seems perfectly reasonable - 3.2.2 can be uploaded to experimental
once 2.5 passes NEW.

> Also since for me at least 2.5.0 is basically feature-complete and a very
> rock-solid release, I wasn't in a rush for the new nice extra features
> like improved AIS and radar overlay. Nice, but not critical to the primary
> purpose of the program.


> Probably todo is to check if the build is still ok with the latest sid,
> since perhaps some package names could need updating in the control file.
> But otherwise I am quite confident in the state of the current packaging
> and very supportive of one final review before upload. A huge amount of
> work went into it, so it would be a real shame to throw it out and start
> again, even if a lot of our review is now merged upstream!

of course. keep in mind that the jessie freeze is only a few months
ahead (3, i think?) so if you want OpenCPN to be "in debian" in the next
few years, we should get this show on the road!

thanks for working on this.

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