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Re: GMT 5.1.1

> Hi Andreas,
> Quoting Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu>:
>> Thanks for the offer to help.  What are your packaging skills?  Do you
>> feel able to upgrade the packaging in Git to let us check your work and
>> sponsor the package?
> I could do that, yes.

Francesco already did some work om GMT 5.1.1 in git, see:


According to #747269 "just needs to get rid of changes
in binaries use" is left TODO.


> GMT now uses cmake instead of autotools, is this any problem?

No, that's not a problem. dh(1) supports all major build systems, only
when both traditional Makefiles and CMake are used you need to specify the
buildsystem for dh(1) to use.

It looks like the packages was already updated to use CMake instead, see:


> When configuring using cmake, GMT needs a ConfiguUser.cmake file,
> usually the user cretes and customizes it by hand, do you prefer a
> patch file or a script to create it?

Modifications to the upstream source should be done with patches.

Kind Regards,


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