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Re: Status of GDAL

> Il 15/07/2014 12:06, Francesco P. Lovergine ha scritto:
>> Due to approaching of freezing and the stop to new transitions (less
than two
>> months from now) I would suggest to move GDAL to 1.11 in main, just to
>> avoid having certainly yet another old package in jessie as too often
>> usual.
>> Thoughts?
> from an user point of view it's a +1: several important new features in
> 1.11, not to
> be missed.
> thanks for this.

I would like to get GDAL 1.11 ready for jessie, but I'm a bit short on
time to fully dedicted my time to it.

The recent upload fixes the upstream tarball repacking and was still
building on mips when I checked yesterday. That was a prerequisite before
we can test the builds of its reverse dependencies.

We need to rebuild the reverse dependencies to verify that they still
build successfully with GDAL 1.11. I don't expect big issue here, but I do
expect some unrelated build failures due to changes in other dependencies.

The list of reverse dependencies from the previous gdal transition can be
used as a starting point:

(enable the "good" checkbox to see all packages)

Some new reverse dependencies may have been accumulated since then. but I
have not yet checked which packages these are. I have local ben clone to
get the list of affected packages, but I'm not sure how to check for Good
and Bad packages.


Kind Regards,


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