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I have been following the debian-gis mailing list for some weeks now and
would like to join the team and help out where I can.

My immediate motivations are:
1. I am the maintainer of a python package in Collab-Maint (with the
help of Andreas Tille) which depends on osm-gps-map. Hopefully I can try
and help to keep osm-gps-map in good shape. It is currently stalled in
unstable at the moment - I assume due to RC bugs against two other
reverse dependencies. Andreas did raise these RC bugs, and contacted the
maintainers when osm-gps-map was uploaded to unstable, but now the
packages have been auto-removed from testing. I suppose an email to the
Release Team may be required? I would be happy to do that if required.
2. Recently, I had a use for TileMill at work and installed the Ubuntu
package direct from Upstream. But I would rather do an apt-get!!! I can
see that David Paleino has asked for help on the ITP Bug
(https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=644767) and has got a
long way toward a releasable package. I would be happy to work on that
and see what I can do (I will definitely need help and direction here
and there).

I am also happy to be directed to other tasks (time permitting).



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