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Re: Ossim packages in DebianGIS

On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 7:44 AM, Hamish <hamish_b@yahoo.com> wrote:
Rashad wrote:

> In continuation of IRC chat on #osgeo-live @ freenode. I would
> like to check the possibility of merging some previous packaging
> effort on ossim to DebianGIS. I had ossim and its related
> packages: ossimPlanet, ossimPlanetQt, ossimPlugins, libwms and
> ossimpredator(some problems was there for predator and I was
> forced to disable it) in ubuntugis PPA. ossim lib and its dev
> packages has been updated after that (some time ago) but its
> related packages are behind two stable releases IIRC. I have the
> debian files for all those packages and could rebuild those
> easily.
> As there is some working going on for ossim and its
> related packaging in DebianGIS would it be possible to merge my
> previous effort? If so please provide me some pointers to achieve
> this. I was involved with UbuntuGIS PPA and also time to time in
> GRASS GIS ppa but never worked on DebianGIS. But If possible I
> could try.

Hi Rashad,

you are most welcome, it is very handy for us to have someone trusted by upstream who can submit patches so they can appear in the next release. makes the packaging easier and the feedback loop tighter. :)

Frankie should be able to set you up with a rashad-guest account to get access to the DebianGIS git repo, and we can all focus our efforts on packaging in one repo, instead of multiple people using multiple repos and duplicating each others work, or letting the packaging efforts get far out of sync so merge isn't easily possible.

Thanks Hamish and Frankie. 

I think you already had some experience having the launchpad grass package PPA pulling from the debiangis build files, so the ppa for ubuntu could stay up to date but the debian/ files primarily maintained only in one place for all debian&deriv distros?

yes I agree. It could go to DebianGIS.



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