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Re: git repository

> David is in CC and he might insist if I'm wrong:  As far as I understood
> my suggestion to drop pkg-osm an move everything there to pkg-grass was
> widely accepted and never insisted in the past.  So either you go for it
> right now or I'll take over the "responsibility" and all potential flames
> for the move.  Just ping me and I'll move osmpbf.git and osmosis.git in
> less than 24 hours.

I don't expect objection from David. He was happy to allow me to move the
ReadOSM and FreeXL repositories to pkg-grass to have the whole Gaia-SINS
family maintained within Debian GIS.

I'm just a bit reluctant to move repos without at least letting David know
the intentions. He recently posted to the OSM list about working on JOSM,
so we might be able to more officially coordinate the move.

Most pkg-osm members are already members of pkg-grass, so we only need to
ask the remaining two to apply for membership of pkg-grass too.

Kind Regards,


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