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Re: OpenStreetMap Software

Hi Jochen,

> I am trying to understand you setup and workflow here. I don't understand
> how
> you are managing the debian packages/builds.
> I looked at that bug report. Found the svn link in it. Found the link to
> the
> new gis repos (git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-grass/mkgmap.git) in the svn.
> Now
> what is this gis repos? A clone of the upstream svn?
> If I type "ant" in that repository in builds without problems (on
> "testing").
> So does the upstream svn version. What am I doing wrong that I don't see
> any
> problems? :-)

We mostly use the git-buildpackage toolkit to build packages from the
source in git. This is being documented in the Debian GIS Policy:


In general the command: `git-buildpackage --git-prinstine-tar
--git-pbuilder -sa` should be all you need to build the package once its
branches (master, pristine-tar and upstream) are checked out.

Instruction on setting up the build chroots are documented in the
previously linked policy.

The git repositories contain the upstream source as contained in their
release tarballs (or checked out from SVN if there are no tarball
releases) in the upstream branch, the delta needed to generate a
byte-identical tarball from the upstream branch is stored in the
pristine-tar branch, and the upstream branch is merged into master where
the debian directory is managed.

Kind Regards,


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