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Re: OpenStreetMap Software

Hi Jochen,

> I maintain several Open Source software projects related to OpenStreeMap
> and
> use some more. As a long term Debian user I want to help get my software
> and
> other OSM software into Debian. I am somewhat familiar with creating
> Debian
> packages but never understood all the intricacies of producing proper
> packages
> and getting those packages into the distribution.
> [...]
> I'd appreciate it if anybody can give me any tips where to start and how
> to
> help out with these or other projects.

There is an ongoing effort to document the best practices in the team to
help new contributors get started and as a reference for old and new.

Have a look at the Debian GIS Policy:


The introduction section documents how to join the team, but note that the
full packaging cycle is not fully documented yet. I'm still working on

I'm very grateful for your offer to help with the packages you mention as
these and other OSM packages in Debian suffer from lack of maintenance
within the pkg-osm team.

We're trying to move all packages from the pkg-osm team to Debian GIS to
address the manpower issue and get rid of the unnecessary split between
generic GIS and OSM specific packages. They're all part of the Debian GIS

Kind Regards,


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