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Re: SpatiaLite transition

Thanks to Julien Cristau for setting up the trackers for the spatialite
and librasterlite transitions:

 #731402 - transition: spatialite

 #731403 - transition: librasterlite

When we get the go ahead from the Release Team I think the process will be:

 1) upload spatialite             4.1.1-6 to unstable
 2) upload librasterlite           1.1g-4 to unstable
 3) binnmu mapnik             2.2.0+ds1-6 in unstable
 4) upload libgaiagraphics          0.5-2 to unstable
 5) upload spatialite-tools       4.1.1-3 to unstable
 6) upload spatialite-gui         1.7.1-3 to unstable
 7) upload pyspatialite           3.0.1-5 to unstable
 8) binnmu gdal             1.10.1+dfsg-3 in unstable
 9) binnmu merkaartor            0.18.1-3 in unstable
10) binnmu qgis                   2.0.1-2 in unstable

The new patches for the QGIS issues on ARM seem to work, the last build
started last night completed successfully. So when the fixed qgis
reaches unstable, we're all set to rebuild all of the above packages.

Kind Regards,


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