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Next package in the long not maintained list: avce00


since I have not got any answer to my questions on the list whether to
upgrade or delete drawmap I agreed with Francesco to remove it from
Debian (#736487).  (This is your very last chance to respond to the
said bug report that it should rather be kept if you are interested.)

The next package on the list of Debian GIS maintained packages is avce00
(uploaded 2008-06-03).  I'd volunteer to move the package from SVN to
Git and upgrade the packaging provided somebody confirms that this.  It
has a few users but was not updated upstream since 2006.  Please fill in
the following form:

  [ ] Yes, Andreas, please spend some time cycles of your spare time
      to upgrade the packaging
  [ ] Lets drop the package from Debian, there are alternatives for
      this package namely ...

Kind regards



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