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Re: Debian GIS Policy

Hi Bas,

I forgot another hint.  Yesterday I tried to prove that packaging is
simple and created:


Feel free to enhance this and mention it in the policy if you think it
is practical.

On Fri, Jan 03, 2014 at 06:06:09PM +0100, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> My intent for the "PPA for Ubuntu" paragraph in the proposed Debian GIS
> team policy is to document the best practices for including packaging
> for the UbuntuGIS PPAs in the Debian GIS git repositories.
> http://linuxminded.nl/tmp/pkg-grass-website/policy.html#ubuntugis-ppa
> How the Debian GIS git repository is structured for the distribution
> specific branches is documented in the "Common Git repository
> structures" paragraph.
> http://linuxminded.nl/tmp/pkg-grass-website/policy.html#git-repository-structures
> The Debian and Ubuntu branches can also be complemented by OSGeo-Live
> specific branches named "osgeo/8.0" for instance.
> I've asked for feedback on the UbuntuGIS specifics in the proposed
> Debian GIS team policy in the "Collaboration between UbuntuGIS & Debian
> GIS and its proposed team policy" thread starting at:
> http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/ubuntu/2013-December/000968.html
> The only feedback so far is a suggestion to split the general packaging
> information into a separate page.

I agree (and think I just responded in this sense) that creating all
Blends policies from one common source by injecting the specifics and
keeping the common things in one file.  However, sorting this out seems
to be a lot of thinking and discussing which I was afraid about.
> Splitting the packaging best practices from the policy document is not
> an option, since documenting how to package for Debian GIS is it primary
> purpose.


> Not having the entire policy document as a single HTML page is probably
> a good idea.

May be but I see no real problem in having a single file.

> I'll look at the Debian Med Policy change in more detail to help improve
> the UbuntuGIS and OSGeo specifics in the proposed Debian GIS team policy.

The main point is to make it pretty clear that Debian GIS is inviting and
supporting everybody.

Kind regards



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