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Re: SpatiaLite transition

After being asked about building spatialite 4.1.1 with libxml2 support
for XmlBlob and VirtualXPath support, the packing was updated to enable
libxml2 support by default in spatialite, and re-enabling it in

Stricter version requirements in the build dependencies are now used to
guarantee consistent use of spatialite between librasterlite and

These changes have reset the state of affairs in the transition a bit,
everything depending on spatialite needs a new build. The reverse
dependencies are ready in git, to be uploaded soon after spatialite.

The new spatialite 4.1.1-5 package is in experimental, but not built for
all architectures yet. It's waiting for the armhf buildd to catch up.
The oldest package in the queue is 8 days older than spatialite, so I
expect it to take at least another week.


Summary of the current state of affairs:

 1) libgaiagraphics  (0.5-1)          available in experimental
 2) freexl           (1.0.0f-2)       available in unstable
 3) readosm          (1.0.0b+dfsg1-2) available in unstable
 4) spatialite       (4.1.1-5)        available in experimental [-armhf]
 5) librasterlite    (1.1g-3)         waiting for spatialite
 6) spatialite-tools (4.1.1-2)        waiting for spatialite
 7) spatialite-gui   (1.7.1-2)        waiting for spatialite
 8) pyspatialite     (3.0.1-4)        waiting for spatialite

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