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Re: SpatiaLite transition

On 10/23/2013 07:40 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> spatialite 4.1.1-1 & 4.1.1-2:
> Both 4.1.1-1 and 4.1.1-2 have been uploaded to experimental, but 4.1.1-1
> FTBFS on 32 bit architectures. The failing testcase has been disabled in
> 4.1.1-2. It built on most 32 bit architectures where it failed first,
> but another testcase has failed on mipsel. It still needs to be build
> for armel, armhf, ia64, mips, s390 & s390x.
> A bugreport about the failing testcase on 32bit architectures has been
> filed upstream.
> I've also asked the buildd admins of the mipsel architecture for the
> test-case.log. If that's no longer available, access to a porter box
> will likely be required to debug this issue.

Thanks to DSA for the guest accounts on armhf and mipsel porterboxes and
Andreas Tille for sponsoring the request, I've been able to track down
the additional testcases failing due to the same minor rounding
difference as reported in #725267.

Due to the crash of Alioth I haven't been able to update the pkg-grass
git repo, in the mean time the changes are available in my git repo:


I'll push the changes to git.debian.org once it's restored. The upload
of spatialite 4.1.1-3 was sponsored by Andreas Tille too, for which I'm
very grateful too. It has been build successfully on all archs so far,
only on armhf and mipsel is it still waiting to be built. I've veried
the build for those architectures on the porterboxes, so I'm confident
they'll build without problems too.

Once spatialite has been built on all architectures, librasterlite can
be built and uploaded to experimental.  After that's built on all archs
the prerequisites for spatialite-tools and -gui are in place to get them
built as well. The same goes for pyspatialite.

I'll contact the Release Team when the spatialite-* packages are in
experimental to coordinate the transition. Only some binary rebuilds
should be required for gdal and merkaartor due to spatialite, and mapnik
in the case of librasterlite.

Summary of the current state of affairs:

 1) libgaiagraphics  (0.5-1)          available in experimental
 2) freexl           (1.0.0f-1)       available in unstable
 3) readosm          (1.0.0b+dfsg1-2) available in unstable
 4) spatialite       (4.1.1-3)        available in experimental
 5) librasterlite    (1.1g-1)         waiting for spatialite
 6) spatialite-tools (4.1.1-1)        waiting for spatialite
 7) spatialite-gui   (1.7.1-1)        waiting for spatialite
 8) pyspatialite     (3.0.1-3)        waiting for spatialite

Kind Regards,


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