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Re: Bug#723175: [SoB osgearth] Vcs is not up to date

Hi Andreas,

On 09/18/2013 03:32 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi again,
> On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 01:45:00PM +0200, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> I'll merge the changes for jessie into master and push it to git.debian.org.
> Only cosmetic hints:
> debian/rules:
> -------------
> override_dh_clean:
>         dh_testdir
>         -$(RM) -rf build/
>         -$(RM) debian/.#* .#*
>         dh_prep
>         -$(RM) -rf $(CURDIR)/debian/files
>         -$(RM) -f $(CURDIR)/debian/*.debhelper.log
>         -$(RM) -f $(CURDIR)/debian/man/*.1
> It would be way shorter to do:
> override_dh_clean:
> 	dh_clean
> 	-$(RM) -f $(CURDIR)/debian/man/*.1
> 	-$(RM) -rf build/
> May be I forgot something - but calling the original dh_clean does
> several things you are doing manually.  dh_testdir should not be
> needed in override_* statements neither should dh_prep.  So you can
> drop the dh_testdir from any of your override_* targets.

You didn't forget anything. I've incorporated your suggestions in the
packaging. Thanks for the tips!

> Regarding the get-orig-source target please read what I wrote in my
> mail this morning:
>    https://lists.debian.org/debian-gis/2013/09/msg00017.html
> The enhanced uscan just does what you want it to do.  So I would
> recommend for the next upstream version (no reason to fumble around
> with this onw) to use the enhanced uscan.

I spent quite sometime researching this issue, and with the knowledge I
gained I agree that your uscan version using d/copyright and the
get-orig-source script to handle the old way is quite nice. This is also
incorporated in the packaging.

> Moreover I think you can drop
>    export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS=hardening=+all
> It should be default for debhelper compat=9 .

Indeed. There is no need to use -pie like is required to build MapServer

> debian/control:
> ---------------
> Do you know
>      cme fix dpkg-control
> Please just try it (I think you should call it twice in the row to fix
> all issues).  You get a better readable debian/control file and it also
> drops unneeded versioned Depends.  Calling cme to fix d/control quickly
> became part of my packaging workflow right after I realised this nice
> tool.

I'm aware of Config::Model, but had not thought of using it to tidy the
control file. I have mixed feelings about cme dropping the versioned
dependencies when the minimum required is available in all releases, I
like documenting the versions upstream requires.

> You can also run it on dpkg-copyright to ensure DEP5
> compatibility but in your case it is OK (even if I consider things like
> this
> Copyright: 2008-2010, Pelican Mapping
>   2008-2011, Pelican Mapping
>   2008-2012, Pelican Mapping
>   2008-2013, Pelican Mapping
> a bit strange ...)

It's a bit abiguous about which copyright statements apply to which of
the files. This was how licensecheck2dep5 groups them by default. I
grouped the files per years and holders for MapServer in the past, so
I've now done this for osgEarth too.

> So you can see for the moment only nitpicking comments.  Feel free to
> ask me to upload anyway once you told me whether you would include
> pristine-tar or whether I should use the original tarball in
> ../tarballs.

Seeing the merits of pristine-tar, I've added the branch and push all my
changes for the above to git.debian.org.

My local build doesn't show any regressions, so if you could have
another look at the recent changes I'd be very grateful.

> Kind regards
>        Andreas.

Kind Regards,


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