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Re: Bug#723175: [SoB osgearth] Vcs is not up to date

Hi again,

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 01:45:00PM +0200, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> I'll merge the changes for jessie into master and push it to git.debian.org.

Only cosmetic hints:



        -$(RM) -rf build/

        -$(RM) debian/.#* .#*


        -$(RM) -rf $(CURDIR)/debian/files
        -$(RM) -f $(CURDIR)/debian/*.debhelper.log
        -$(RM) -f $(CURDIR)/debian/man/*.1

It would be way shorter to do:

	-$(RM) -f $(CURDIR)/debian/man/*.1
	-$(RM) -rf build/

May be I forgot something - but calling the original dh_clean does
several things you are doing manually.  dh_testdir should not be
needed in override_* statements neither should dh_prep.  So you can
drop the dh_testdir from any of your override_* targets.

Regarding the get-orig-source target please read what I wrote in my
mail this morning:
The enhanced uscan just does what you want it to do.  So I would
recommend for the next upstream version (no reason to fumble around
with this onw) to use the enhanced uscan.

Moreover I think you can drop
   export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS=hardening=+all
It should be default for debhelper compat=9 .


Do you know

     cme fix dpkg-control

Please just try it (I think you should call it twice in the row to fix
all issues).  You get a better readable debian/control file and it also
drops unneeded versioned Depends.  Calling cme to fix d/control quickly
became part of my packaging workflow right after I realised this nice
tool.  You can also run it on dpkg-copyright to ensure DEP5
compatibility but in your case it is OK (even if I consider things like

Copyright: 2008-2010, Pelican Mapping
  2008-2011, Pelican Mapping
  2008-2012, Pelican Mapping
  2008-2013, Pelican Mapping

a bit strange ...)

So you can see for the moment only nitpicking comments.  Feel free to
ask me to upload anyway once you told me whether you would include
pristine-tar or whether I should use the original tarball in

Kind regards



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