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libgdal-dev dependency on HDF5 variants


I have need to install the fenics package on Wheezy, but it has a bit of an ugly conflict with GDAL which as a core part of the geo-stack I can't live without, specifically the grass-dev package needed to compile GRASS module addons needs the libgdal-dev package.

The trouble is that fenics package cascade-depends on both libhdf5-mpi-dev and libhdf5-openmpi-dev (n.b. libhdf5-mpi-dev is virtual), but libhdf5-openmpi-dev Conflicts with libhdf5-dev. In fact it doesn't even like having the libhdf5-7 package on the system at all. Technically it's libdolfin1.0-dev which needs the libhdf5-openmpi-dev package, by way of its dependency on libpetsc3.2-dev.

On the other side, the libgdal-dev package depends on libhdf5-serial-dev, which is a transitional package depending on libhdf5-dev. So the result of all this is that it's not possible to have both libgdal-dev and fenics installed on the same system.

Is there a reason that GDAL only depends on the serial version of libhdf5? I suspect its Build-depends should be updated from libhdf5-serial-dev to libhdf5-dev anyway, but would replacing it with "libhdf5-dev | libhdf5-mpi-dev" work there too? Then it would be possible to (at least locally) rebuild the gdal package against the multi-processing version of HDF5. Or maybe if the libhdf5 variants are API compatible the dependency could be a|b instead of just the Build-depends being like that?

any bright ideas from those more familiar with the HDF5 library? the least painful solution I'm looking at right now is running fenics in a VM or dual-boot, but that's a maintenance overhead I'd rather avoid.



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