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OpenStreetMap tile rendering stack in debian-gis

Hello everyone,

currently it is not easily possible to set up a map rendering tile stack with only official debian packages for the default OSM tile rendering stack (mod_tile, renderd, osm2pgsql), as not everything is packaged or is a little out of date.

- Mapnik is currently packaged in version 2.0.0 (sid), whereas the current upstream is 2.1 (Released August 2012). With the default OSM stylesheet soon to move over to requiring mapnik 2.1 and the popular style designer tilemill also seemingly requiring mapnik 2.1, it would be good to get mapnik updated to 2.1 in debian-gis.

- mod_tile[1] and renderd or tirex aren't included in debian at all. It would be very helpful if it wasn't necessary to have to compile these from source or rely on PPAs (which are only available for Ubuntu and not Debian)

- osm2pgsql seems to not have been updated to a new upstream release in a year and it would be nice to get a newer upstream release into debian, as there have been a couple of new features and bug fixes since then.

- osmosis also could do with an update to the latest upstream release.

- Tilemill [2] is not currently packaged in debian-gis. It is a nice tool for designing mapnik rendering styles and makes it fairly easy to create your own interesting map styles.

I would like to help improve the situation and get all the packages up-to-date. Particularly, though, I would like to help get mod_tile and renderd (for which I am the upstream maintainer) packaged and into debian-gis (and from there on into Ubuntu).

What would be the best way to help with this?



[1] https://github.com/openstreetmap/mod_tile
[2] http://mapbox.com/tilemill/

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