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Re: Fwd: Re: ITP: qmapcontrol -- Qt/Qtopia widget for using map data

On 2012-11-22 13:37, Andreas Tille wrote:
Hi Michael,

thanks for the ITP.  Without beeing a GIS expert I somehow try to keep
Blends tasks for Debian GIS up to date at some point.  However, I need
some help from you experts which task might fit best (or if we even
should redesign the tasks to fit better.)  If you would like to have a
look at this page


in what field would you try to inject qmapcontrol?

BTW, if you commit your packaging into pkg-grass Vcs it will show up
right inside the task were it is added even before the package is
finally uploaded.

Kind regards


The QMapControl home page explicitly mentions support for OpenStreetMap so I would put it under

Openstreetmap - OpenStreetMap related programs


PS: this is my first attempt to get a package into debian, I guess I still need to find a sponsor?

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