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metadata: where should we be going?

I am working on a bunch of perl modules which are nominally GIS 
related.  I'm further than before, but I am not ready to say it 
will be done soon.

The latest hurdle, is Akima interpolation.  Yes, Math::GSL has one 
particular Akima interpolant.  With options, I have 8.  And 
currently Math::GSL doesn't work on i86 where the hardware 
supports 64 bit, and the user is running a 32 bit OS.  Some 
strange stack problem, which effects a bunch of programs.

A long time ago, I wrote a natural cubic spline in FORTRAN-77.  
I've seen cubic splines implemented in 6 lines of APL.  Akima 
splines are unusual, in that they allow "corners" in a data set.  
And they are better at avoiding wiggles.  But, to introduce a 
corner into a dataset takes some deliberate effort.

Many materials properties have "corners", but to satisfy Akima 
interpolatants, artificial points would probably still have to be 

But, if someone goes to the effort to properly introduce a corner 
into a dataset, such that Akima interpolation will recognize the 
corner (if it is capable), I suspect this interpolant will be used 
for a long time.  And it should have metadata accompaning it.

The place where I've seen the biggest recognition, need and use of 
metadata is GIS.  So, I am calling you experts.  :-)

Is there an accepted metadata standard which works with GIS?  Do 
people have ideas on what is required?


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