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Re: dfsg-free global digital elevation model (GDEM)?

On 11/09/12 08:24, Hamish wrote:
> karme writes:
>> I am looking for a DFSG-free [0] global digital elevation
>> model (GDEM) which I ultimately want to package for debian.
>> is the SRTM [1] data DFSG-free?
>> think so:
>> http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/srtm/mou.html
> yes it is, but probably not appropriate for inclusion in debian
> due to the large size of the dataset.

Probably not. But it would still be nice to have a debian directory for
it though (or .diff.tar.gz) (with a ./debian/rules get-orig-source).
Even if it isn't released as part of the official Debian, we can still
take advantage of some of the benefits a package provides.

> Better is to include tools to download what data you need on-
> the-fly I think

> and the more immediate need is to package the
> Natural Earth dataset shapefiles.

+1 Natural Earth packages would be good.

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