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Re: opencpn_2.5.0+dfsg-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Hamish wrote:
> > So AFAIK the OpenCPN packaging in DebianGIS svn (+ dfsg
> > tarball in DebianGIS alioth web space) is ready now, but
> > for the new lintian wanting hardening to be enabled by
> > default and issuing a couple warnings

> Better uploading soon. There's always the possibility to try
> patching properly and convince ftpmasters, or retire the
> package insteadi if too bad. Don't forget that you checked your
> package only on conventional archs, if it causes major FTBSes
> it is better knowing it soon than later.
> It would be much more complicated in case of a delayed
> upload: in a few the NEW processing will almost stop, so
> there will be very few hopes to have it in time.

ok, after a little more testing the hardening patch is not (quite) ready for prime-time yet*, so I'd suggest it for upload
now, as-is, without the hardening-enabling patch.


[*] we seem to be just one cmake tweak away, but cmake is a
learning curve for me. Continuing work on that...

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