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NetCDF 4.1.3 in experimental

Hi there

I just uploaded a new upstream release for NetCDF (4.1.3) which depends on
the current experimental HDF5 1.8.8 release. In spite of all my hopes,
upstream still showed some inconsistencies in soname settings.

Specifically, the C++ lib soname moved from 5 to 4 (sigh! that was probably
due to a bug in version-info definition) and
the embedded libCF still retained the version 1 as in previous 4.1.1 series.
Of course, both C/Fortran versions increased. Unfortunately, I have very little
hopes about discussing such issues with upstream, because Ed Hartnett left in
October and the project is still actively searching for a new full-time
engineer for support and development.

So AFAIK I need to introduce a Break clause against previous netcdf,
due to libcf name collision, so that the future netcdf transition
will result a bit less smooth than hoped. I'm only inclined in increasing
the C++ lib soname, but it is not strictly required because at least it
is different from the previous one and the old ones too (4.1.0 against 4.0.0)

At the same time, I introduced a new a binary pkg for libCF (and -dev) for 
better future transition management, and because libCF is not strictly
required for netCDF.

Of course all of you are kindly invited to due tests with the new package.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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