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Getting hdf5 1.8.7-2~exp7 into Ubuntu 12.04


A little background, ILM and Sony Imageworks recently open-sourced a shared project, Alembic, for exchanging computer graphic scenes [1].  Alembic uses HDF and is only qualified to use HDF 1.8.7 [2].

In the mean time, I'm trying to get Imageworks to move from Fedora 13 to the upcoming Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release and Ubuntu currently has HDF5 1.8.4.  If we move to 12.04 then I would need to package up 1.8.7 myself for Alembic unless it can be updated.  Ubuntu is freezing for Debian syncs in late December.

I see Debian has an experimental 1.8.7 with some sizable packaging changes.

Some questions:

- Are the 1.8.7 experimental packages ready to be promoted into a LTS release?

- Or should Ubuntu just update their current 1.8.4 to 1.8.7?

- Ubuntu's 1.8.4-patch1-3ubuntu1 only differs from Debian's 1.8.4-patch1-3 by adding openmpi support for armel.  Could this be moved into Debian so Ubuntu only needs to do a sync from Debian instead of a merge?

- Does Ubuntu ever sync experimental packages?

Thanks for your time,

[1] http://www.alembic.io/
[2] http://code.google.com/p/alembic/source/browse/README.txt

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