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Re: [DebianGIS] osgearth and tinyows

于 2011年07月08日 21:23, Paolo Cavallini 写道:
> Il 08/07/2011 15:18, Aron Xu ha scritto:
>> Yes I have received your message, and yes for all the information you
>> post to us. I mean I am asking you to summarize it to something that
>> just fit for your package description, not too short like the current
>> one in git, not too long like the one your post to us.
> Sorry, I miss your point: usually, descriptions are 3-4 lines, so I thought the
> description
> ===
> Description: osgEarth is a scalable terrain rendering toolkit for OpenSceneGraph
> (OSG), an open source, high performance, 3D graphics toolkit. Just create a simple
> XML file, point it at your imagery, elevation, and vector data, load it into your
> favorite OSG application, and go! osgEarth supports all kinds of data and comes with
> lots of examples to help you get up and running quickly and easily.
> Homepage: http://osgearth.org/
> ===
> Would fit well in. Or, am I missing something?
> Thanks a lot.

This one is much better.

It takes years for me to clone the repository, so please update it if
convenient. Thank you.

Aron Xu

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