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Re: [DebianGIS] osgearth and tinyows

On 2011年07月08日 03:25, Pirmin Kalberer wrote:
>> 1. This package needs an ITP.
> Paolo: Could you help me with the organisational paperwork?

OK, so you have an ITP now, it's Bug #633068
(http://bugs.debian.org/633068), please close it in your
debian/changelog entry before we actually upload this package to archive.

>> 2. In debian/control:
>> a) Do you mind set "Debian GIS Project
>> <pkg-grass-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>" to Maintainer or Uploaders?
>> It will help the team to monitor the package, and of course, the
>> package is already hosted in pkg-grass's git repository.
> np


>> b) There is a binary package named "libosgearth1", so why there isn't
>> a "libosgearth-dev" or "libosgearth1-dev'? I have seen there is a
>> "osgearth-dev', why do you name it like this / can you mind to change
>> the name per debian-policy?
> osgearth is closely related with openscenegraph (OSG). Therefore some 
> packaging decisions are following the openscenegraph packages. OSG has: 
> libopenscenegraph65
> libopenscenegraph-dev
> openscenegraph
> The last package also includes numerous example binaries. I decided to move 
> the pure examples to the dev package. That's the reason for the "mixed" name.
> I'm fine with libosgearth-dev as well.

It's OK to follow OSG's packaging style. I recommend to move those
examples to something like "osgearth-examples". And please, clean up the
-dev package so there is no executable files if not absolutely necessary.

> [...]
>> d) Do you mind to improve your long descriptions, to tell users a bit
>> more about the packages? It's too short now.
> Paolo? See also www.osgearth.org and 
> http://live.osgeo.org/en/overview/osgearth_overview.html

Please fix this in your debian/control. You know the software better
than me, :-)

> [...]
>> 4.While looking at debian/libosgearth1.install, it shows this package
>> has some plugins to be installed. Why not split those plugins into
>> another package? Generally I don't think put them into library is a
>> good idea, but if you think it's required to be there, I'll be willing
>> to hear your explanation.
> The reason is that _all_ drivers are distributed as plugin. So libosgearth1 
> dependes on them anyway. I guess libopenscenegraph65 includes all plugins for 
> the same reason.

Then I'm OK with it there. But I'd like to ask, what's your plan if
/usr/lib/osgPlugins-* has a newer version number? Do you plan to change
your library name? Or you have some other plan? Please tell me about
your thoughts and solution.

>> 5. Looking at debian/osgearth-dev.install, the package installs some
>> binaries into /usr/bin, so I guess this is your excuse about why the
>> -dev package is not named libosgearth-dev. But please provide the
>> lib*-dev package, and split these binaries into another package, and
>> declare correct dependencies in all binary packages that need them.
> There are good reasion to split osgearth into a dozen packages. I propose to 
> remove the example binaries from the (lib)osgearth-dev package then.

Actually you don't need a dozen of packages, if you agree then you can
just provide the examples in a package named "osgearth-examples".

Aron Xu

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