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Re: tutorial/guide for new user?

Andreas wrote:
> If I'm not misleaded there is no such thing like a FAQ (but
> there should be one).

best we've got:

> > Where are material(s) for new users? E.g.
> > 
> > 1 for prior Arc* users wanting to setup "the Debian
> >  GIS Blend," or some part thereof, e.g. task=Workstation.
> > This would cover, minimally, what packages to install. Extra
> > points for a glossary that translated
> > ESRIan <-> DebianGISese.

Debian's GIS project is a roundup of all of the packaged free
and open source GIS softwares out there. There's no single set
of vocab or ways of doing things. It's a phone book.

If you want something like ArcView I'd recommend Quantum GIS (qgis package).
If you want something like ArcInfo I'd recommend GRASS GIS (grass package).

If you are deep into Java there are a number of good options for
you; to explore all those (and the state-of-the-art open source
GIS scene in general) I'd suggest grabbing a copy of the OSGeo
Live GIS Demo DVD or Virtual Machine and giving that a whirl.

(that's largely based on UbuntuGIS+DebianGIS packages)

a more in depth overview of each of the packages than the blends
page offers can be found here:

the best I can offer for a glossary is:


maybe QGIS and the Java crowd have similar documents?

best of luck,

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