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Re: tutorial/guide for new user?

Hi Tom,

thanks for your interest in Debian GIS.  While I myself consider far
from beeing a GIS expert (just an OSMer) I try to at least answer a part
of your question.

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 02:39:19PM -0500, Tom Roche wrote:
> Apologies if this is a FAQ, but I'm not seeing answers to this question (or, for that matter, a FAQ):

If I'm not misleaded there is no such thing like a FAQ (but there should
be one).
> Where are material(s) for new users? E.g.
> 1 for prior Arc* users wanting to setup "the Debian GIS Blend," or some
>   part thereof, e.g. task=Workstation. This would cover, minimally, what
>   packages to install. Extra points for a glossary that translated
>   ESRIan <-> DebianGISese.

When we discussed the layout of the Debian GIS tasks I was told that the
task "Workstation" (here you can see the content of this task -> [1])
contains everything you need in one rush.  I'm in general a friend of
finer granularity - but that's not a field where I can competently
discuss.  So if you install the gis-workstation metapackage you get
what you see listed at [1].  If you think some interesting applications
are m issing from this list - just drop us a note here.
Kind regards


[1] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/gis/tasks/workstation


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