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Re: [DebianGIS] osgearth and tinyows

Il 26/10/2010 09:06, Pirmin Kalberer ha scritto:

Both packages available from ubuntugis build against Squeeze and Sid. For
osgearth I'm waiting for feedback and tinyows is waiting for mentor upload to
Sid. I can also build a binary package for our own repo. Which software are
you interested in and for which platform?

Hi Pirmin.
I would like to test tinyows on several machines; all debian, in various flavours (unstable [amd64], testing[i386], stable[amd64]). I can start from whatever is easier from you, or I can build the package on my own (I would prefer to use your package, so that at the same time I'll be testing it).
Al the best, and thanks.

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