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Re: [DebianGIS] Packaging of World Vector Shoreline (WVS) data

Ah, xtide also ships a xtide-coastline package, which contains the (World
Vector Shoreline (WVS) data which OpenCPN wants. So all we have to do is
depend on that and symlink/patch the paths to suit:
  /usr/share/xtide-wvs/wvs1.dat (4.7mb)

besides that file, the opencpn source ships with wvs43.dat too (2.2mb)
which is I guess a lower res version of the same. if we really need the
wvs43.dat version we could beg the xtide maintainer to throw it in.

the WVS data heritage & format is documented here:

apparently taken from the ETOPO5 global DTM & from the US gov't's Defense
Mapping Agency (DMA) [of Digital Chart of the World (aka Vmap0) fame].

In that case I'm not really sure if it is really related to GMT's GSHHS
coastline data, although I do know that the NOAA data has close ties to
Gerald Ev. (orig author of PROJ.4) when he worked at the USGS.

So I could be forgiven for thinking that in the end it all seems rooted
in the same place as it always seems to come back to the same small set
of overachievers...

more fyi and guesswork,


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