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Re: [DebianGIS] Approaches to Harmonics Files Packaging

Anton wrote:
> > But OpenCPN package needs the indexed file produced by Tide2idx
> > program and cannot understand TCD format.
> >
> > Thus, I need to package the indexed form due to the format
> > differences, but will create a kind of duplicate data since
> > same data already exists but just in different format. Does it
> > sound right? Ideally I would consider have some package with
> > raw source data that is than converted to whatever form is
> > appropriate form during the build?

Paul wrote:
> Package tide2idx/WXTide32 (wx makes it sound like it uses wxWidgets,
> which is cross-platform)

nope, WXTide32 is XTide (i.e. "X"11 tides) re-packaged for MS "W"indows,
32bit.  xtide is already in debian, no need for more dupes. (and of course
xtide also ships with a plain `tide` command line version too. For some
reason the Mac port has broken the pattern and is called Mr. Tides,

> and have the xtide data source packages build an IDX file using the
> tide2idx package you have produced.

AFAICT the .IDX file is just an easy to parse ascii dump of the binary
.tcd (Tide Constituent Database) file.

IMO the best solution would be to patch OpenCPN upstream to read the .tcd
files directly rather than the 3rd party derivative. -> the fewer links
in the chain the better..

conversion programs & .tcd editor & command line utils available from
libTCD spec:

and as Anton noted the .tcd -> .idx converter GPL'd C code can be found
in the 7zip source archive that ships with WTides32.



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