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Re: [DebianGIS] Releasing debian-gis 0.1 metapackages

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:50:25PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I had a look, and my proposal would be to merge devel and tools into
> workstation and limit the tasks to gps, osm, statistics, web and
> workstation before uploading.

Remark: There is a not yet documented convention (convention means, we
are just doing this in Debian Med as a kind of structural comment which
is not (yet) used) to use

  X-Begin-Category / X-End-Category

in the tasks files to separate different topics.  This might or might
not lead to a later split of the task - for the moment it is simple
documentation because fields starting with "X-" are ignored anyway.
Following this scheme I did the merge while keeping the categories
enclosed in these comments.
> > The maintenance is currently done in the Blends SVN[3] but I will move
> > it back to its original location once there is an explicite request of
> > somebody who intents to work on these files and has no commit
> > permissions to the Blends SVN (any DD has this permissions).
> I am fine with any of these.  Did you BTW merge the changes I
> committed to the old version based on the other live CD package
> content before I knew about your updated version?  It had some minor
> fixes to the live stuff and the package lists.

I checked your changes in tasks/workstation and they were not more up to
date than my changese I did previosely when splitting and updating the
tasks.  I did not touched README and build-gis-live before but took your
changes now over into Blends SVN (Rev. 2245).  There is one remaining
diff from pkg-grass SVN to Blends SVN which is debian/control.  This is
intentionally because the old debian/control does not apply to the
current metapackage layout.  I would commit this file after having
autogenerated this using blends-dev once we are settled to a reasonable
tasks layout.

May I assume that your question about updating the Blends SVN is some
kind of agreement that we stick to this for the moment?  Do we want to
just drop a README about the move in the old pkg-grass SVN, just to make
sure people will notice?

BTW, I have not checked build-gis-live but I would recommend building it
based on the set of (to be created) metapackages.  At least this is the
favourised procedure in the Blends scope (even if there is not yet
an implementation to generalise this for all Blends).

Kind regards



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