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Re: [DebianGIS] New Debian GIS Live CD build for Lenny and Squeeze

Hamish wrote:
> > fyi I continued that effort over in the OSGeo svn:
> >  https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/browser/livedvd/live-helper/trunk/

> Aha.  Perhaps the useful parts should be merged back to the
> Debian repository,

absolutely. (all scripts are LGPL)

> or the debian-gis repository ditched and
> the work be focused on some new repository?

for my 2c I like the idea of there being a debian live-helper
setup as well. The OSGeo build includes a number of javaish
binary blobs and geo-datasets which, while FOSS & not uncommon
for commercial distros like Ubuntu, may not pass the more
stringent DFSG muster.  so it gives folks the option...

> > but then an approach using a base distribution of xUbuntu and
> > a series of custom post-install scripts on a virtual
> > machine, and then build that VM into a ISO using RemasterSys
> > was adopted.
> Personally, I am a true believer in repeatable generated
> images, and thus like the live-helper/cron approach. :)

as do I. Prior to these build scripts the OSGeo Live conference
DVD team had been working on a single virtual machine image which
got FTP'd around the world as the diff't devels took turns working
on different aspects of it. So really I was pretty happy to
compromise that point and I think the build scripts have been
a real boon to developing the thing as a team instead of putting
all the work on a few heroic devs. One advantage of the current
way is that it's possible to do some manual tweaks to the desktop
and apps which are easier after the user account and .rc files
are already in place.

> Not sure how easy it will be to do that when one want to
> populate a postgis database with GIS data, thought. :)

AFAIU you can put arbitrary scripts into chroot_local-hooks/
and they get run after all the 'apt-get install'ing is done.
The `su - user` switching to run some commands as the postgres
user may be tricky, but ISTR you could either pass a command
line option or just preface each DB command with su. I'm not a
postgis expert, but I suspect the solution to that user
switching problem can be found in the install_postgis.sh OSGeo
install script.

> > maybe some of those build scripts can be useful.
> Right.  I doubt I will have time to work on it any time soon,
> just wanted to share the current result with you all. :)

I'm quite glad to see that someone finally took the cause back up!
Also, I'd love to see the geography parts of it better coordinated
with the DebianEdu team.



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