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Re: [DebianGIS] Grass in Qgis under Windows/Ubuntu

maximilian71 wrote:
> I installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic on a partitioned disk with
> windows ... which i think might be the start of my problem...
> I used Grass and QGis under windows and no problems...
> when i open the same Grass dataset under Grass-QGis-Ubuntu
> no problem
> but when i try to open the grass modules i get :
> "Cannot start module v.in.ogr
> command: /usr/lib/grass64/bin/v.in.ogr
> --interface-description
> GRASS_INFO_ERROR(8499,1): Jeu de données (MAPSET)
> PERMANENT - permission
> refusée GRASS_INFO_END(8499,1)"
> i suppose it is a problem of writing on my windows
> partition because when i
> create a new datset under Ubuntu..; no prbs...
> any tips?

first of all you probably want to ask this question on either/
both the qgis-users and grass-users mailing lists at
http://lists.osgeo.org, not here.

In order to support sane multi-user workflow, UNIX versions
of GRASS require that your user account owns the mapset you
wish to open *in the filesystem*. You can read from other
peoples mapsets (who've given you filesystem read permission
and not switched if off with g.access), but you can only write
to your own.

I don't know if that's your problem here, but it's something
to look out for. (FAT32 partitions have no concept of ownership,
you have to mount it with -o uid=[your user ID number from

good luck,

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