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Re: [DebianGIS] Import a dataset into Qgis GRASS

maximilian71 wrote:
> lets say i created and worked with a GeoDataBase undr ESRI,
> or QGis/GRASS under windows and i am now under ubuntu or
> just on another computer...
> With Qgis/GRASS is there a way to import the whole GeoDataSet
> instead of having to create a new set and import all the
> shapefiles???

[as this is a usage question and not a packaging one it might get
better responses if asked on the qgis and grass users' mailing

Don't know about qgis, but have a look at the Bulk Import tool
in the new GRASS 6.4 wxPython GUI File menu. Also there is
the v.external module if you only want to link to it virtually
instead of importing it properly. (not as useful but good for
quick & dirty rendering)

will it read the ESRI project layout? probably not. but it can
bulk import the base maps.  see also the GRASS v.in.e00 module.

good luck,


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