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Re: [DebianGIS] postgis make template_gis

Hi list,

I know I'm perhaps coming at this from left field, but could this kind of thing 
be made optional, or maybe put into a separate package?  I recall this being 
implemented with the windows installer in PostGIS, and I found it made the 
installation procedure more cumbersome (e.g., it couldn't be installed if you 
didn't have the postgres db password on hand and local connections weren't 
trusted by default, or maybe you didn't have the PostgreSQL service running at 
the time which would also cause it to fail).  However, perhaps my experience 
is different than others?

Apart from that, I also wonder about what happens when PostGIS gets upgraded - 
even for minor version?  Would there be any measures taken to either update 
the template with the appropriate update script, and/or drop and recreate the 

These are just questions that I have - I hope you don't mind me bringing them 
up here.  Maybe these potential issues are already taken into consideration?


On Tuesday 30 March 2010 04:21:48 Alex Mandel wrote:
> Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> > On Tue, 30 Mar 2010 09:57:36 +0200, "Francesco P. Lovergine"
> >
> > <frankie@debian.org> wrote:
> >> It was broken at the time apparently. Indeed, it would be better
> >> providing a simple script to fire up a new database at will. Nothing
> >> different from the simple steps documented in README.Debian in a
> >> parameterized shell script, anyway.
> >> At least this kind of helpers is something I commonly introduced
> >> elsewhere to simplify administration.
> >
> > Agreed, I think it would be an useful addition.
> > All the best.
> We've got an example of what's needed in the OSGeo Live build scripts
> http://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/livedvd/gisvm/trunk/bin/install_postgis.sh
> Particularly lines 69-87 (there's a lot of comments in between it's
> actually about 4 lines of script). I believe the necessary sql files are
> in the source package to begin with. At least they appear to be on the
> Ubuntugis versions.
> Alex
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