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Re: [DebianGIS] grass from .deb, gdal from source?

Hamish <hamish_b@yahoo.com> writes:

> Tyler Smith wrote:
>> I discovered (with help from the grass help list) a small
>> bug in gdal, already reported and fixed in the latest gdal
>> sources. Now I'm wondering how best to acquire the fixed
>> version of gdal. Can I compile it from source and continue
>> to use the version of Grass 6.4 provided as a Debian
>> package, or will I have to purge all the Debian packages
>> and build both Grass and gdal from source?
> My solution to this is to get the latest GDAL sources and build
> and run it locally without ever installing it. That way it is
> non-invasive and I don't have to worry about breaking everything
> that relies on GDAL. (which is a lot)

Thanks Hamish,

That was pretty easy. I've got my dems imported now, and managed to
project some vector-format county boundaries into the same location
without any further problems. From my experience with GRASS a few years
ago, data import was by far the most difficult thing to do, so hopefully
it's downhill from here.



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