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[DebianGIS] HDF5 changes

Hi again folks

In the incoming weeks HDF5 libraries should also be updated. As you
could already known HDF Group is supporting both 1.6 (legacy) and 
the new 1.8 series, which are not full compatible each other. 
Applications that currently supports HDF5 1.6
could need a source update as detailed in
http://www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/faq/bkfwd-compat.html for both some
structures and API functions.

My own idea is migrating hdf5 source package to 1.8.2 and simply
drop 1.6 support. The new package will be available for a while 
in the experimental staging area, before uploading to unstable.
Of course, you should check in the meantime if your source
package needs updating and possibly provide a patch. 

If you had problems with this updating plan, please give 
a feedback as soon as possibile.

Note that HDF5 1.8.1+ is a pre-requisite for NetCDF-4, so a
new transition will need to be considered on that side 
in a not so far future.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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