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Re: [DebianGIS] New QGIS and GRASS packages for Debian Lenny, i386 and amd64

Niccolo wrote:
> > We hope to have ... GDAL ECW plugin (non-free) soon.

> Is that destined for Debian non-free or somewhere like
> debian-unofficial.org (which will be revived soon)?

what do the terms of the ECW license actually say? Is *any* redistribution
allowed or do you have to specifically register with ER Mapper* for each
installation?  (* now owned by ERDAS)

SDK download page:  http://ermapper.com/Downloads.aspx?v=315
I assume you have to register to see their current terms. (?)

or can the old GPL-friendlier version (from before the company was sold)
be redistributed while the latest version can't be? Is the old version
crippled WRT maximum image size?

Is the idea that a non-free package be prepared which asks for the
location of the downloaded code, and compiles, packages, & installs the
plugin lib on the local machine?



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