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Re: [DebianGIS] Two weeks to get QGIS into the next Ubuntu 9.04 release

I'm encouraged by the breath of people who obviously see value in packaging qgis for debian and are prepared to commit to making it happen. It seems that qgis will be back in debian soon, but not soon enough to meet the FeatureFreeze date of 19 Feb for the Ubuntu 9.04 release schedule.

It has also become apparent to me that my newbie offer of short term help is not what is required, and at the moment I'm not able to commit more than that.

I'm going to continue being very interested and encouraging from the sidelines, especially as I'm expecting to see qgis in the LiveDVD which will be handed to all delegates at the FOSS4G conference I'm helping organise this year.

Feel free to ping me if there are specific things you think I can facilitate, in particular to do with FOSS4G, the LiveDVD, or UbuntuGIS.

Hamish wrote:
 QGIS Task #1028: "Debian package on life support"

Cameron wrote:
I see from the ticket you have reference below that you have fixed a number of issues, and it looks as if you consider all issues fixed (at least for the release you were addressing).

well, no, someone else did that work. I mostly just try to be a facilitator
between the different projects and push the various teams to work together
in a single repository (see below). and I have no opinion on the state of
the various issues needing attention; I have not reviewed them closely.

A good first step towards finally breaking the log-jam is to pick a venue:
QGIS's OSGeo SVN or DebianGIS's SVN repo? I am sure it is not a big
problem  for the Debian/Ubuntu package teams to be granted write access
to either/both, as needed.

Independent of that, I would guess that DebianGIS wants to maintain its
own repo for branches, non-ubuntu tweaks, etc. But perhaps the core could
be linked/imported from the QGIS repo with a SVN external link*, and then
minorly patched in the DebianGIS repo, as required?

[*] 'svn:externals':  http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.0/ch07s03.html


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