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Re: [DebianGIS] Some Information required about GRASS and DebianGIS

vimal gupta wrote:
> We need some Map rendering tools for one of our project.
>  I have searched on net for that and got GRASS and DebianGIS
> useful for our project.
>   I want to know answers of following questions about GRASS
> and DebianGIS :
>    1. Does it support S57 map format?

it does, through the GDAL/OGR import:

GRASS wiki page for S-57:

>    2. Does it support S52 map format presentation?

not directly, but I hope that can change by using libS52 (currently under active development):

I'd really love to see this mature into plugins for QGIS, GRASS, and GpsDrive. libS52 is already working at the prototype level with OpenEV, and also used in some real proprietary navigation software. currently QGIS S-57 support needs help (OGR driver), GRASS import is by hand (see wiki page), and GpsDrive has new OpenStreetMap.org rendering support so S-57 support would go nicely with that for the nautical stuff.


>    3. Can we use it in VxWorks?

no idea, but I don't see any reason why not.



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