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Re: [DebianGIS] Weighted Thiessen Polygons (XTENT Model)

Steko wrote:
> good to have another archaeologist here. I think you should
> look for some work done by Benjamin Ducke in the past few years.
> I'm quite sure he built an XTENT modeling procedure for GRASS,
> that he presented at CAA 2007 in Berlin.
> Should you find what you need, may I ask you to add a brief
> summary on the "Quantitative Archaeology Wiki" at
> http://wiki.iosa.it/ under the "Spatial Analysis" section?
> It would be of great help to have such documentation collected
> and easily retrievable for other researchers.

Also it would be nice to have something in the GRASS Wiki's Archeology page. There seem to be a number of archaeologists using GRASS but that page remains empty :(  Papers presented, list of key modules, examples of field projects using GRASS, links to other projects of interest, that sort of thing. With that we hope to encourage GRASS/QGIS/GDAL micro-communities suited to the needs of each research field. 


(people of other fields are welcomed to start their own pages there as well; create yourself an account and go!)



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