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Re: [DebianGIS] Weighted Thiessen Polygons (XTENT Model)

Il giorno lun, 19/05/2008 alle 09.52 -0700, leonidas300 ha scritto:
> I need to generate Weighted Thiessen Polygons (XTENT model in
> archaeology).
> Is there any way to implement that in GRASS?
>     a method of generating settlement hierarchy, that ovecomes the
> limitations of both central place theory and Thiessen polygons. It
> assigns
> territories to centers based on their scale, assuming that the size of
> each
> center is directly proportional to its area of influence. Hypothetical
> political maps may thus be constructed from survey data.

Hi Leonidas,
good to have another archaeologist here. I think you should look for
some work done by Benjamin Ducke in the past few years. I'm quite sure
he built an XTENT modeling procedure for GRASS, that he presented at CAA
2007 in Berlin.

Should you find what you need, may I ask you to add a brief summary on
the "Quantitative Archaeology Wiki" at http://wiki.iosa.it/ under the
"Spatial Analysis" section? It would be of great help to have such
documentation collected and easily retrievable for other researchers.

Best regards,

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