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[DebianGIS] NetCDF version dep for GDAL -dev package


The upcoming netcdf 3.6.2 package now in experimental* has renamed the libnetcdf3 package to be libnetcdf4**. (also netcdfg-dev is renamed libnetcdf-dev but there is a transition package for that.)

'apt-cache show' says that libgdal1-1.4.0 (version 1.4.2-1~bpo40+1) depends on libnetcdf3 (>= 3.6.0+3.6.1-beta3); gdal's control file just asks for netcdfg-dev***.

I'd like to backport the experimental package to Etch without breaking or rebuilding GDAL and everything that depends on it. Possible? Is there a way to have libgdal1 accept libnetcdf3 | libnetcdf4?

Any ideas on a best approach? What I am really after is the NetCDF fortran -dev stuff to be built & installed in a clean way. My other idea was to get the Etch package via deb-src and make my own replacement package with the fortran stuff turned in.

I can build NetCDF from source locally and install to /usr/local/,
but then I wish to remove the Debian packages to avoid cross pollination, which in turn tries to remove gdal (and everything that needs gdal).

To complicate matters, IIUC shared packages are only available in the new 3.6.2 version for netcdf.

[*] http://packages.debian.org/netcdfg-dev
[**] see closing-bug message in http://bugs.debian.org/278739
[***] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-grass/packages/gdal/trunk/debian/control?op=file&rev=0&sc=0


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