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[DebianGIS] Creating Packages for FOSS Java GIS Applications

I would like to get started with an update of the OpenJUMP Debian
package, and hopefully JTS as well. (Maybe GeoTools in the future.)

I've been reading throught the documentation on Debian Packages, but
I've got a couple of questions about how to package a Java program on
Debian. I thought I might be able to get some help here.

OpenJUMP currently places scripts for launching its executable in a
/bin folder. The actual JAR files that store the Java class
responsible for launching the application and all other requried
libraries are kept in a /lib folder. The /lib folder also contains a
/ext folder that contains "plug-ins" that extend OpenJUMP's
functionality. These plug-ins often have their own subfolders of
/lib/ext that store other required libraries, configuration files, and
other data.

After reading through the Debian Java Policy I believe that I need to
place the main JAR for OpenJUMP in /user/bin/openjump. I also realize
I need to create separate Debian packages for the Java libraries that
OpenJUMP stores in /lib, and that the JARs for these packages should
be stored in /usr/share/java.

I'm not sure about two (2) things:

[1] Where do I put the plugins? Do they stay in /user/share/java or do
they go somewhere else? They aren't really libraries, they are like
mini-exectuables, but they are pacakged in separate JARs.
[2] How do I ensure that the required libraries are on the Java
Classpath that OpenJUMP needs? At this time we just add the /lib
folder to the classpath in the launch script, but I'm not sure how I
would accomplish this if the libraries are scattered around in
different folders in /usr/share/java.

I hope these questions don't seem foolish. I've been using Debian for
a couple years now, but there is still a lot I don't know about Linux.
I've also never made a Debian package of my own.

Scott Huey

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