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Re: [DebianGIS] Mapserver + AGG == /o\

Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
I was looking into integration of AGG into Mapserver 5.0.

Houston we have a problem :-/

First of all current AGG 2.5 is GPL which is a problem for Mapserver BSD license. You all know that I like dealing with license issues but enough is enough :-(
The other secondary issue is that it builds (WTH???) only a static
library, and that would require a fix.

Easy (silly) solution: using 2.4 which is essentially the same 2.5 with
a BSD friendly license, embedding the library in Mapserver.

That license change issue has been discussed at length at the time on the mapserver lists and the conclusion was that v2.4 should be used until the licensing issue is resolved. This is also stated in MapServer RFC 32 which covers the AGG addition:


Other solution: asking upstream of issuing a FLOSS expection to be
added to the GPL plain license, and of course patching to have a shared library.

I think the license issue has been discussed on the AGG list and it seems that MapServer is not the only one in that boat. I forget what the outcome was or if the authors were planning to make any kind of move though (sorry).

Daniel Morissette

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